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 3rd Army Tactical Assault Group [360]

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PostSubject: 3rd Army Tactical Assault Group [360]   Sun Nov 27, 2011 10:36 pm

3rd Army T.A.G (Tactical Assualt Group) is a clan which has engaged in conflicts in Battlefield and Halo. We will enter tournerments and competitions, so we are a competitive Army. To join, you must message me USMC C0MMAND3R and state what branch you wish to join. We offer 3rd Platoon "Firestorm" (USMC), 75th Platoon "Spartans" (US Army), 42nd Platoon "War-Hawks" (USAF), 7th Platoon "Wolfpack" (US Navy SEALs) and 15th Platoon "Night Sharks" (US Navy).
To sign up for the 3rd Platoon Firestorm, you must win a Rush round with my Army, on Kharg Island. Depending on how good you do, you will be given a rank. The higher your rank, the greater chance you have of leading a squad, ( I lead 3rd Platoon Firestorm and have overall command of the Army). To join the 75th Platoon "Spartans", you must win a game of Conquest in Operation Firestorm. A space is up for grabs to lead this Platoon (the rank system is applied here, as well as all the other Platoons). To join 42nd Platoon "War-Hawks", you must recieve the Air Warfare ribbon 5 times. If you have the Service Star for Jets, you will lead this Platoon. To join 7th Platoon "Wolfpack", you must win a Rush and Conquest round on Tehran Highway, as well as completing Co-op on Hard. To join 15th Platoon "Night Sharks", all you have to do is demonstrate conspicuous gallantry, i.e: get a Combat Efficiency or effectively support the team in a LAV-25.
By joining this Army, you will be part of a clan which enters tournaments and competitions, striving to win (we are competitive, but we don't worry, we also cater for those you just want to play for fun. After all, it is a game, not a matter of life and death.). You will meet new friends, play with supreme teamwork and above all, maximise your experience on Battlefield 3. When signing up for tournaments, different platoons have different roles. Our signing up process is meant to put those good at amphibious assualt in the USMC, those good at mixed-arms warfare on the ground in the US Army, those who can claim air superiority and give good CAS (Close Air Support) in the USAF, those good at busting into rooms, using stealth, sniping and taking ground control with a small force in the US Navy SEALs and those who can use boats and amphibious vehicles to their full potential in the US Navy.



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3rd Army Tactical Assault Group [360]
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